Post Your Proof | Destination America

Working directly with Destination America’s Creative Director Chris Grant, and editor Gary Basilico, Würdsmith Creative’s Jim McNulty wrote and produced this fun (but spooky) call-to-action spot, asking viewers to send in videos of unexplained encounters.  We exclusively used show clips from the network’s paranormal programming, and all graphics and effects were done in-suite using DA’s existing graphics package, After Effects and Avid plug-ins.  It’s always fun when you can achieve high-production value with existing assets and a talented editor!


Creative Director / Writer-Producer:  Jim McNulty (Würdsmith Creative)
Art Direction / Editor:  Gary Basilico (DCTC)
Audio Mix:  Chris McVey (DCTC)


Chris Grant, Creative Director (Destination America)
Miles Aghajanian, Marketing Manager (Destination America)
Laura Giacalone, VP Marketing (Destination America)